Activity Based Workplace (ABW)

Everyone needs that extra bit of space.

Work is fun when we embrace work-life balance and realize it in our everyday life. At playground.work, our coworking space embraces the ABW (Activity Based Workplace) concept and is truly a merge of lifestyle and work space, where it has been fine-tuned to provide the right environment and nuance for a satisfactory working standard and attitude to living and overall well-being.

playground.work features a variety of areas creatively designed to suit different needs and activities:

Concentrate in the important projects at your workspace or our quiet room The Cave;

Boost your productivity level with our signature handcrafted coffee and freshly made sandwich at the exclusive, members-only Cafe@playground.work;

Or simply get inspired to learn and grow through networking just anywhere!

The bouldering wall at The Cliff adds fun and playful aspects to our space, whereby members are challenged to stretch their muscles to join our in-house classes and workshops, and take up the occasional challenges we host, too!

Our unique free flow living workplace gives members the freedom to decide how, when and where to work, resulting in better performances, engaging and joining forces with the like-minded, and turn brilliant ideas into real projects.

Space Flexibility

Take care of your needs – Flexibility and Creativity.

In the era of mobile working, flexibility is crucial. For this reason, our creative space design has allowed a high degree of mobility in order to accommodate different members’ needs.

Hot Desks - For those who prefer to have neighbors, Hot Desks are their ideal space. Every time hot desk members can come and pick a different work station that suits their needs of the day - collaborate with certain members, get to know some new friends, or simply stay close to the relaxing lounge.

Private Offices - Our Private Offices cater privacy and 24/7 access, just what small companies would need. We offer flexible arrangements ideal for scaling organizations ranging from one-man boss’s room, up to a group of eight.

Creative Event Space - Our space is flexibly designed to host events of different natures and capacities, such as business networking, seminars, mini concert, recreational workshops and private parties. Please contact us for more details about event space reservation.

Standby Meeting Place – For businesses that have already settled in other workplaces, our space can serve as an extended office for meetings so that you always have the flexibility to increase the meeting capacity of your workplace.